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A few weeks ago I was called up by my friend in the Eastern Shore news industry, Kiya Amajioyi, and asked if I’d like to come onto his show for an interview. Of course my immediate response was a cross between “Heck yes I’ll do it!” and “Wait a minute, why me?” Well, Kiya was asking me to participate in his interview segment entitled “FUTURE SUCCESSORS”. I unfortunately couldn’t make it into the studio due to a little storm we had earlier this month…but I participated via Skype and had a fun time doing some telecommunication interview!

Kiya’s show, shown locally on Salisbury’s very own PAC 14, aim’s to inform, hopefully “Changing the world one television show at a time”, as is their mission statement! Anyways, here’s the video, with my own segment taking place around 5:45. Be sure to check out the other two guys book-ending the segment as well.


I hope somehow talking about the hard work put into my film and acting career, a story moderated quite efficiently by Kiya, will help others in their life paths.

Mostly, I’m hoping people see my crazy face on TV talking about movies and acting, turn off the video, and say to themselves:

“Man…that dude was crazy. I think I’m gonna be a doctor. Or a nuclear physicist.”

All-in-all though, this counts as our first “press interview” for Bite the Hand, and features some in-game footage of me fighting Tyr Rollins in THE BRIDGE.

Thank you so much for this opportunity Kiya! I was glad to be aboard and hope to come back to your show later when I am truly a rich and powerful Future Successor!

A few months ago, I was walking through Downtown Silver Spring with Carole, getting some frozen yogurt after a very intense stage performance for Sportaculture.

Carole, Greg Sestero, Myself, and Tommy Wiseau (Feeling Me Up)


I expected Frozen Yogurt…what I didn’t expect was to run into, get a hot chocolate from, and interview (briefly), the greatest film maker of all time, Tommy Wiseau of The Room.



Words of wisdom, folks. Words of wisdom. You better believe I applied them to Bite the Hand. 

RIP Sidney Lumet

Early yesterday, legendary film maker Sidney Lumet passed away, dying at the age of 86 at his home in New York.

I find this personally ironic, because just the day before, I was telling a couple of my friends about this amazing book I was reading called “Making Movies.” It is Lumet’s own person reflection on film making, as a business, as an art, and as a way of life. It is the most honest interpretation of the process I have ever read, and is so well reading it doesn’t feel text-book at all. It explores the pathos of the entire production team, and the logic behind their methods.

How many of his movies have I seen? Most likely only a half dozen of his, my favorites of which would be the classic Pancino films, Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon, and the under appreciated Vin Diesel courtroom drama, Find Me Guilty.

I’m pretty sure once I’m done reading this amazing book, I’m going to go on a viewing spree dedicated to this great artist. Yes, artist. Because not all film is art, but movies that make you think, like 12 Angry Men and Network, truly say the potential is there. And while he might not have believed in the director as an auteur himself, he definitely knew his craft and how to use it, just as Picasso could take an easel, paint, and a brush, and do something beautiful.

Rest in Peace, Master Lumet. I’ll be sure to learn all I can from your fantastic works.


Today is a special day- it celebrates the day of birth of one of the acting GODS of STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Well, more like acting Ghost. DJ GH057 that is. As per the trend these days, as a birthday present, we’re announcing Damien’s own Cast and Crew Page, but also a special event: below we will be premiering a long overdue short video. For now, let’s celebrate G4057’s career, VH1 style!

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November second has rolled around again and that means it’s a very important day. A day where we decide, a day where we choose. And a day where we decide to choose to ignore that decision to choose!

But what do WE do on November 2nd, at leat in SAP territory? We celebrate one of the best friends and actors this group and myself have ever had. James-freaking-Howe. That’s what we do!

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