This Wednesday, Apsis Motion Pictures participated in this year’s 48 hour film festival in Baltimore. Our film, The Reclaimation of Louis Ledbetter, premiered on the big screen to a rousing reception by the audience. The film is now available for view on the group’s YouTube Page, but I’ll put it up here for you to check out as well.

Each team is assigned a genre, along with three requirements that are announced on Friday evening, and the teams have until the following Sunday evening to turn in a 4-7 minute film. The required elements for this film were:

Character: Louis Ledbetter, Neighborhood Busybody (Played by the brilliant Paul R. Sieber of  Bite the Hand)
Prop: Dog collar
Line: “If you want me, you know where to find me.”

The Genre that we pulled out of a hat was “Dark Comedy”

Directed by Joel Loukus, Produced by Tyr Rollins, Stunt Coordination by Dylan Hintz, Costumes by Denise Loukus

The Reclaimation of Louis Ledbetter starring Paul R. Sieber

Dylan Hintz, Paul Sieber, Jasmine Guillermo, Tyr Rollins, Samuel Slater, Dan Carter, Anthony D Paul, Robert Novich, Kristy Holnaider, Lexxiana Zolliafter

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