Future Film Makers Updates Fall 08

These are just some notes from our current semester’s meetings. Pictures of Progress at the Bottom!

Thanks Kara for taking the notes!

Notes from 2 October 2008:

Here are the key points and events that have happened this meeting:

The meeting went on for 1hr25min with 12 members present! Yay for everyone who showed up! We also had a new member show up as well.

There are two events that will be happening within the club:

  • A movie viewing will be taking place in GUC next to the Starnet Lock-in this Friday at midnight. Time is scheduled to vary depending on when members arrive. Also enjoy the Lock-in which begins at 6pm.
  • Horror Movie Maddness will be taking place NEXT Friday until Halloween night! It will be in Fulton 111 at 700 pm. It’s going to be lots of fun and you’ll get to see horror movies throughout the ages!

Tuesday night is banner decorating night!! This is for Homecoming week and the theme is ::drum roll:: GULL’S JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!!! We’ve brainstormed many ideas from Sammy’s Seagulls (spoof of Charlie’s Angels) to The Birds (yay Alfred Hitchcock!!!). Any other ideas will be appreciated as well.

Thomas England will be filming with Travis Carr on Sunday at noon. Get in contact with Thomas if you want to help or have any questions/comments.

There have also been movie concepts ideas about movies that will be potentially made from creepy stalker kids to what could be really going on next door.

Also, the Bulletin Board is in need of a little help and a make over as well! Help decorate whenever you can, be creative and come with any arts supplies you may have. Get in touch with Dylan for more information. Your help will be appreciated.

Have a great week and see you next meeting!

Notes from 25 September 2008:

This is what happened in the last meeting in case you missed something OR if you were not there:

The meeting ran for 1hr45min which is pretty good for the club and also a very good turn out: fifteen people!

We are going to be closely working with NBS and SU TV for broadcasting purposes and to get recognized by others. NBS meets will possibly be at 630 in the new building in room 152 or 154. Email Katie Edwards for more information or just hit her up on facebook. Message Eric Ware for more information on SU TV as it is believed that the meeting times and day will change due to conflict in class scheduling. They are looking for ideas for TV shows such as game shows so anyone can put in their input for an idea; just talk to Eric.

Movie Ideas So Far

Noisy Neighbors
-Day Dream gag flick where a guy is sitting in his apartment hears noises from the rooms next door and imagines what they could be. Hilarity ensues.
Matt Solomon

-College student Cory Hertz is failing English, and his tyeacher says that he must pass his research assignment or he’ll fail the semester. Determined to pass, he and his friend Douglas Perry stumble upon the story of Mea Briddel, a student who disappeared right before graduation. As they dig deeper they uncover a tale that they never imagined.

It’s basically a mystery horror, and it parallels the story of Mea Briddel before her disappearance and that of Cory and Douglas’

Mike Woodard

The Stranger
-The new guy at college meets an intoxicated girl, becomes obsessed, stalks her, and uhh…yeah. You get the idea.
Rob Cogdell

On Writing
-A college student is suffering writers block goes through hell trying to finish his paper. Drugs included.
Travis Carr

Untitled Keith Mathias Project
Geoff gets a call one day from a girl he hasn’t talked to in a while (friend from back in college). They get together and spend some time together. Kind of a sad/sappy/introspective look into what people REALLY do when they graduate college, and how feelings can carry over through time. Screenplay is about half done, no revisions as of yet.
Keith Mathias

That’s all for now!