Another Max Payne Video

I know I haven’t been around to do the site justice for a while, but I’m just getting used to school again. Everything will be returning to normal shortly. In the meantime enjoy another Max Payne featurette.

  • In other Max Payne news, John Moore got the PG-13 rating he wanted (for financial reasons obviously).

    Moore used strong language in a complaint to DasGamer while arguing the R rating was unjust when comparing Max Payne to similarly intense blockbusters.

    “The Motion Picture Association of America gave The Dark Knight a PG-13 rating and basically sucked Warner Bros.’ cock,” said Moore at the time.

    After Moore and his crew “trimmed some frames more for the sake of trimming frames,” the MPAA reconsidered, and the film will now make it to theaters with the friendlier rating.

    The director also announced he is planning a “Gamer Dedicated Cut” of the film.