Ok, so once upon a time there were 2 major action stars: Arnold Schwarzenneger with his charming accent and hilarious bulgy face and buck teeth, and Sly Stallone, the somewhat-ugly duckling cousin who was a better actor than Schwarzenneger (in a technical sense- Arnold can hold his own in pure “STAR POWER” better than anyone except maybe Clint Eastwood). Sly only did a marginal amount of “huge hit” films. One of those was RAMBO, the excellent story of a Vietnam war vet on the run in the Washington State countryside, with the not-so-nice homecoming of cops out to get him. He waged a one man war against well…the US Army, and unknown to most people only killed a few guys in the first film.

Here’s a fan made trailer that sorta logs the entire series:

Rambo 2 and 3 came out over time…and well…the kill count just racked up. This is probably because they had created an “uber-killing machine” character who, unlike in the novel, did not commit suicide in the riveting climax in the first movie as expected.

Well, following in the footsteps of ROCKY BALBOA (hell, even the title is stylistically remaining true to that), comes JOHN RAMBO, the fourth movie in the series and this one is going to be insanely ultraviolent. Don’t believe me? You think GRINDHOUSE was off the charts? I haven’t seen this much realistic gut spilling since SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.

Well, anyways, AINT IT COOL NEWS (AICN to those who don’t know) has an EXCLUSIVE trailer up of the fourth installment, which will hopefully be less cheesy and more explosive than the previous two. Sly bowed out the Rocky franchise finally with a touching tribute to his Oscar winning character (he wrote the original Rocky story himself), so maybe he can do the same with his now-classic genre-spinning, Metal Gear-inspiring action packed blood spilling messiah of the Really Big Knife.

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