Updates @ STRIKE A POSE!!! Films

Hey guys, Dylan here, reporting in after a lot of gaps in posts.

I’d like to take some time out right now to report on the status of the group this summer:

Damien McCoy
and Stuart DeMattia are both doing films for other companies this summer, but are hopefully going to be involved in our projects. Sam Anderson supposedly only has one summer left with us, but we’re going to make it a full one! I’ll be living in Silver Spring and should hopefully get some upper level talent to help us out this time. In the meantime, my friend Dan Gvozden from NYU and I might co-op on something, though no final deals have been made.

The upcoming projects, however, are as follows:

The True To John Woo Contest


    This contest is about making a 2:30 minute film dedicated/inspired by John Woo movies to help promote the game Stranglehold for the Xbox 360. Now, it’s going to be tricky, but the group actually has a chance, seeing as how most of the entries are complete crap and the only good ones are using licensed music, have poor sound quality, and don’t tell a very complete story. They also just happen to be by the same guy. HOWEVER the production values for that film are INSANE. If I manage to get my new camera (hopefully a Canon GL2), we might have a slim chance, and I want everyone I know to take it with me (I’ll divvy up the money in some respectable way if we win, of course). The prize? 25,000 dollars.

THE PEREGRINE SAGA: Exodus of Youth (or some other corny title that I haven’t come up with , formally known as The Darkest Places)

    Dark Glow

    Hopefully we’ll finally be filming this summer. I need to get in contact with talent of course, and we’ll probably need some martial artists and GENUINE actors for this, but Sam’s ready to go, and I think I can get David involved. This is going to be a story about deciding whether to leave the comfort of home for useful experience, set in the PEREGRINE SAGA, my epic storyline. It’s supposedly trying to reflect the decision to go to college or just hanging around your hometown the rest of your life, and a wakeup call that can change that point of view. Action and drama will be the big parts of this.

Car Trouble Sequel???

    Ya know, I might just assign that as the title, because this is supposed to be a movie chronicling the events between Curse of Bodangofish and Car Trouble. In any case, this wacky bizarre comedy will be about the quartet from Car Trouble embarking in a magical…messed up journey through Washington DC and end on a pier (where the hell?) fighting…you guessed it…super ninjas. WHY? Why NOT?

Dan Gvozden Team Up?

    This one’s kinda up to Dan, but maybe we’ll figure something out soon. He wants to pull me out of the action gamut and have me direct one of his scripts, and I’m more than cool with that- I’m ECSTATIC. Might even skip the John Woo contest for that, but it all depends on what is put together last minute when I get home. This will be a guaranteed cool team up.

Sam Anderson’s Swing Project

    The Third Path

    This is a sketchy one, we need a lot of extras, a highschool gym or some dance hall, and a fake band. We’ll also need choreography and good equipment. If it works though, it’ll be great. You ever seen what a mix between Swing Dance and Ong Bak would be like? No. We’ll show you.

I really want to do something amazing with all of my other crew mates this summer, I know we have the potential now, and its time to strike while the iron is hot! So let’s do something great and really enjoyable, and then laugh about it later. I look forward to working with all of you again.