Greatest Thing Ever

I just wanted to let you all know. This video featuring THE MAN HIMSELF is absolutely brilliant. This is the exact thing I am talking about in my Citizen Kane essay on Meta-textuality. Absolutely brilliant.

My favorite media theory (One I slightly self-developed) is meta-intertexuality. Its basically about how a movie is affecting you based on the medium it is conveying based on the medium the characters operate under base on how the director manipulates that medium. And how you know you’re watching a movie about a movie (or reading a book about a book) about a film maker making a movie or a news paper writer writing a newspaper being demonstrated in news reels. Furthermore, it is about how it effects you specifically because of the medium in which its conveyed via its levels of didactic truth or angles of emotional involvement.

In this case, its Kojima doing a kitcshy video about Kojima’s home-made kitchsy stuff (the ridiculous looking MGS universe, which I love but has become a tad overdone), where the coolest thing is just running around ridiculously pretending your stealthy when in reality, the AI is just too dumb to notice you or doesn’t care, knowing that he’ll probably get away with it because, in all honesty, most people just don’t care, and that its funny because we do it just because we feel cool doing it. That’s the whole reason. He just…he knows.

Especially because, up until that point, the video really sucks. No offense guys at Mega64. I’m sure that was your intention. The trigger-happy-TV video game approach is, as always, beautiful, but I know you’re just being self-referential to your own previous material, hence the disappointment in your characters’ eyes when they meet their Maker. They know they’ve been caught in a running gag, just as the series of MGS has, itself, become.

More posts will be coming later, but are coming in slowly, seeing as I have become a Stunt Pirate somewhere I can’t say, and that I have a lot going on this summer, including Kung Fu training. No joke.