Everyone on this site should know of my love for Ryuhei Kitamura, and furthermore his action protege, Tak Sakaguchi, by now. If you don’t, here’s a short video as to why.

Now I am totally with you guys- I have NO idea what that is about. From the English version of the film’s website, here’s a brief synopsis!

Inheriting the Samurai Spirit, Otokojuku is a private boys school to nurture true men. As usual, 1st-year students enroll this year. What awaits them is grilling training by Drill Master Onihige. Momotaro is professed in both academics and martial arts. Hidemaro is a puny coward. 300 push-ups, Oil Bath punishment, Disciplinary Twin Cells are just examples of what the newcomers experience. With blood and sweat, Momotaro and Hidemaro live through the Otokojuku days, but during that time, they become true friends as well as pitch friendship with their other classmates. Meanwhile, Omito Date, a former Otokojuku 1st-year student leader, carrying a grudge on this school, now leads the evil army of Kanto Gogakuren school, is ready for a pay back. He conspires to take over Otokojuku and sets out to their school ground. The Otokojuku principle, Heihachi Edajima, appears and utters: “No personal vendetta is allowed on the grounds of Otokojuku, but it’s a different story elsewhere.” Thus, Otokojuku versus Kanto Gogakuren.

Yes it might make absolutely no sense to the unenlightened, but what lay in store here is a unique parody of over-masculinated, over stylized Japanese animes in live action form. With that new synopsis in mind, try watching trailer 2!

My favorite thing about this is that it is actually direct BY Tak, a guy who just ten years ago was simply streetfighting for a living. Now he’s a successful cult action movie director. I guess I can only dream right?

For more info about Tak, visit his myspace and of course visit the website for BE A MAN: SAMURAI SCHOOL here. Click the ENGLISH text to read the website in a limited English…errr…TEXT!