Preview: Push


I’ve honestly become divided on this one. Recently every action movie has traded in the idea of “high strung” or “important” secret agent “foils nefarious plot” (Casino Royale was the last good example of this, Quantum of Solace is a revenge story, demoting it’s “action film” status to “revenge thriller with action”) to Super Soldier Doesn’t Remember Who He Was So Now He Has To Figure it out (Every Bourne movie, Xmen: Wolverine, and pretty much every recent video game in existence). So aside from the Jason Statham movies where, hello, the actor is Jason Statham and that’s all we need to know, we’ve either had secret agents or amnesiac super soldiers as our recent heroes. Or both, thank you Matt Damon.

Personally I’m most divided cause I’m working on my own plot dealing with this kind of character, but it’s going to be different, I promise. Everyone I’ve talked to so far sounds pretty interested.

But this new thing, Push, takes the first idea of a secret agent and the second idea of a super soldier, supposedly does away with the “I don’t remember, so I have to find out!” angle, and amps up the creativity (whatever you have to say otherwise, I’ve never seen a movie where the psychic moves the guns to attack his opponents…ok wait. X-men…WELL HE WAS A MAGNA-KINETIC SO ITS DIFFERENT!), so that we can get something different in theaters…

So I don’t know how to feel about it yet. On the one hand, the previously mentioned Djimon Honsou is in it, and that makes me flash a big dumb grin (You’re an Oscar Nominated Actor for CHRIST SAKES!) ! On the other hand, Dakota Fanning is in it, and she couldn’t even get attention by being raped. (Hound Dog). No, I’m serious, no one saw her last awful film. About being raped. And neither do I, and I don’t intend to, cause Dakota Fanning is scarier than any movie monster since the 1980’s. (That’s sure to lead to a bunch of new readers who search google for “Dakota Fanning” and “Rape.”)

On the other hand, people I know decently, regardless of our differing tastes, have told me it looks terrible but have at least admitted that’s because of the shooting and editing style, which I already figured would be a problem. NO one knows how to shoot action movies anymore, at least not interestingly.

I’m gonna make a more interesting post later. In the meantime, this is just a simple preview for Push. I’m kinda outta enthusiasm for this one, but I’ll tell ya why later.