If it isn’t obvious that I haven’t been posting much lately, technically brilliant posts or otherwise, I will just make it clear.

The IT services here at Salisbury, while I don’t blame them, have refused to do anything concrete to help me with my installation issues. Apparently, my computer cannot install Service Pack 2 for Windows, and I agree that is a huge problem. I should have fixed it over the summer but there wasn’t a day I wasn’t working my ass off on the site or my films. Editing takes a lot of time with no breaks, ya know.

So, hopefully by Tuesday I will have full-access to my computer again, and can start making those good Ol’ picture/video posts. In the meantime, however, don’t expect much.

Once the posts are updated, however, I inted to make at least three daily news coverages, and a Bi-weekly club update.

Well, back to work. Later, readers.