The first demo reel, featuring all the above flicks in one way or another, the DEMO REEL focuses on some of the best clips synced up to a moving piece of music by Nobou Uematsu. This video has been referred to as a visual collage of epic randomness. To those who haven’t seen the previous videos- be warned. You’ll probably have no idea what is going on. At all. Probably the best way to see it.

Edited by Dylan Hintz. 3 Minutes 12 seconds. 2007.

  • sui_generis

    I really like this. One reason really is the choice of music. It keeps the pace of the demo reel. Plus the videos selected from each film you guys made were cleverly chosen. It’s engaging by the transitions of yes as you put “epic randomness” but that doesn’t change the fun of it all. I hope you guys do a lot more in the near future and perhaps make an even more “epically random” demo reel with new movies. =D Very well done.