100 Days

Broadsword in the Rain

Self Mastery Systems and Strike a Pose!!! Films presents a series of videos taken from the documentary, 100 Days.

100 Days is a training program devised by the Shaolin Monks of Ancient China. Our school, Self Mastery Systems, carries on this tradition today. For one-hundred straight days, the practitioner must train everything they know all the while conditioning their bodies to the breaking point. But it’s not just what you put into 100 Days that can be a trial, it’s what you take out of it.

100 Days of complete sobriety and complete celibacy. For the majority of our teenage and twenty-something students in this group, it’s a near impossible task of willpower and dedication. To become consistent, one must form a habit while breaking others. It takes 100 Days to form a habit. Where will the students be by the end of it?